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AGA Open Champions

2018: Your name here
2017: GwangHo Choi 7d
2016: Zekun Yu
2015: Zhou Wei
2014: Zhou Wei
2013: Cai Shuping
2012: Chimin Oh
2011: Guyu Liu
2010: Bi Jang
2009: Zack Zou
2008: Miao Zhao
2007: David He
2006: Raphael Shin
2005: Kevin Chen
2004: Yiming Guo
2003: Yiming Guo
2002: Chengliang Wang
2001: David Huang
2000: Yiming Guo
1999: Andrew Chi
1998: Andrew Chi
1997: Andrew Chi
1996: Andrew Chi
1995: Andrew Chi
1994: Yufei Wang
1993: Sang Dae Hahn
1992: Syn Liew
1991: Sang Dae Hahn
1990: Yufei Wang
1989: Sang Dae Hahn
1988: Yufei Wang
1987: Choon-Sik Moon
1986: Chi-Moon Park
1985: Sang Dae Hahn
1984: Sang Dae Hahn
1983: Kwang Ho An
1982: Sang Dae Hahn
1981: Sang Dae Hahn
1980: Sang Dae Hahn
1979: I. Hou
1978: H. Masuda

Tournaments and Events

In 2018 the Australian go clubs will organise the following first-class tournaments:

Details and contacts for tournaments will be listed below as they become available; if you are a tournament organiser, make them available by emailing the AGA secretary. First-class tournaments earn AGA representative points for each competitor, the exact amount varying according to the strength of the tournament. Representative points are good for winning selection to represent Australia at the World Amateur Go Championships, the Korean Prime Minister's Cup, and other international tournaments Australia is invited to send teams to.

These events also show up on the International Go Federation tournament calendar.

2018 Domestic Tournament Calendar

Third Australian Digital Tournament

  • Friday 9 February to Saturday 31 March on the Online Go Server, KGS Go Server, or IGS PandaNet.
  • Seven rounds, one per week, played online.
  • Open division (7d to 2k), second division (2d to 20k).
  • $10 entry, cash prizes in each division (plus free registration to the 2018 Australian Go congress, free entry to the 2018 Australian National Championships).
  • AGA first-class tournament, please join the AGA before entering if you come from Australia and want the representative points.

Thirty-Eighth Queensland State Championships

  • March, Queensland. Details TBA.

Fifth Brisbane Spring Tournament

  • September, Annerley, Queensland. Details TBA.

Forty-First Australian Championships

  • November, Queensland. Details TBA.

Eighth Gold Coast Classic

  • October, Gold Coast, Queensland. Details TBA.

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PO Box 149 Woody Point Qld 40191