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Ing World University Go Championship & 16th Chang Qi Cup

This year the World University Go Championship will be held at The University of Sydney, Australia from July 7th to July 13th 2019. In addition, the semi-finals of the 16th Chang Qi Cup, China’s preeminent tournament for Professional Go Champions will take place on July 10th and 11th.

Sydney University was founded in 1854 and its impressive sandstone main teaching building evokes images of those used in the Harry Potter movies. The World University Go Championship and the semi-final of the Chang Qi cup will be held in the Great hall, which will bring a different Go game experience to college players and professional players.

The current World University Go Championship is co-sponsored by the World University Go Association, the Shanghai Yingchang, Period Go Education Foundation, the Australian Go Association, and The University of Sydney Go Club. Since its founding in Hong Kong, China in July 2014, the World University Go Championship has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years, first at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, then at Hsinchu Tsinghua University, University of Toronto, Bangkok Zhengda School of Management, and Cambridge University, UK.

This year there are more than 100 contestants from 76 universities including new entrants from the St. Petersburg State University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Montreal, the Technical University of Berlin, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the National University of Singapore.

The 6th World University Go Championship will still be divided into Group A (5 dan or above), Group B (1-4 dan), Group C ( 1-5 kyu), Group D ( below 5 kyu) and Group E (female).


AGA Champions

2018Zhou Wei7D
2017GwangHo Choi7D
2016Yu Zenkun6D
2015Zhou Wei7D
2014Zhou Wei7D
2013Shuping Cai7D
2012Guyu Liu7D
2011Guyu Liu7D
2010Bi Jang7D
2009Zack Zho7D
2008Miao Zhao7D
2007David He7D
2006Raphael Shin7D
2005Dong Ming Liu7D
2004Yiming Guo8D
2003Yiming Guo8D
2002ChengLiang Wang6D
2001David Huang6D
2000Yiming Guo7D
1999Andrew Chi7D
1998Andrew Chi7D
1997Andrew Chi7D
1996Andrew Chi7D
1995Andrew Chi7D
1994Wang Yufei7D
1993Sang Dae Hahn
1992 Syn Liew
1991Sang Dae Hahn
1990Yufei Wang
1989Sang Dae Hahn
1988Yufei Wang
1987Choon-Sik Moon
1986Chi-Moon Park
1985Sang Dae Hahn
1984Sang Dae Hahn
1983Kwang Ho An
1982Sang Dae Hahn
1981Sang Dae Hahn
1980Sang Dae Hahn
1979I. Hou
1978H. Masuda

2019 Go Tournaments

The following information is a guide based on 2018 Go Tournaments.  There is no guarantee the events will be held at the same time as the exact dates of tournaments and details are not yet available but this may help plan your calendar.  The Events page is updated when full details are available.

(Click on the image if it’s too small).


New Book – Go with the Flow released

Go with the Flow

How the Great Master of Go Trained His Mind Paperback

September 17, 2018

Cho Hunhyun is one of the greatest Go masters in history, who has been held in respect in not only Korea but also Japan and China. Since he became a professional Go player at the age of nine, he has won 1,935 matches and taken various championship titles as many as 160 times over 56 years, achieving unprecedented record in the world Go history.

Now, he gives what he has learned through his life, the essence of how to train our heart and mind.

It is often said that shifting perspectives makes all the difference, but it’s easier said than done. How can we find a peace of mind even when we are cornered by imminent threats while time and plans are running out?

The book tells us about his life-long training, which has contributed his amazing achievement in Go. What is his secret? “Victory comes to us when we contemplate with steadfast focus on the essence,” the great Go master shows us the way to find inner peace.

Go with the Flow: How the Great Master of Go Trained His Mind is a bestseller in Japan and China as well as Korea right after publication, the book is now ready for readers all over the world.  Check out an interview with Cho Hunhyun at

You can order the book through Amazon at


2018 AGA National Championships

The 2018 Australian Championships will be held at Griffith University, Queensland over the weekend of December 8th & 9th 2018 in Room 3.59/3.60/3.61/3.62, G11 Learning Commons building.

Information about registration and the event can be found here

The tournament will be a round Swiss over two days, Australian tournament (Japanese) rules, 60 minutes main time + 3 x 40 seconds byoyomi. There will be two divisions, the Open division, with even games for players 1d and above, and handicap division (everyone else).  The Facebook event can be found here.

The AGA National Championships is an AGA first-class tournament, competitors attracts representative points.

The event will be hosted by the Griffith Go Club.



Pair Go World Championship 2018

The ‘Pair Go World Championship 2018 ‘ is being held on August 20 and 21 and four games will be broadcast live on YouTube with Michael Redmond 9p commenting on the games in English.

The YouTube channel is

About the event

The Pair Go World Championship consists of “the Challengers Tournament” followed by the “Pair Go World Championship 2018 Final”

There are a total of eight pairs, three of Japan, one of China, two of Korea, and two of Chinese Taipei.  They will participate in a three-round knock-out tournament. The winning pair will challenge the 2016 winner Yu Zhiying 6-dan and Ke ji 9-dan of China.

The timetable is as follows

August 20 (Mon): Round 1, Semi-finals

August 21 (Tue): Final (Challengers Tournament) / Third-place Match, Final (Pair Go World Championship 2018 Final)

The Challengers are


Kato Keiko 6-dan & Iyama Yuta 9-dan pair

Fujisawa Rina 4-dan & Ichiriki Ryo 8-dan pair

Hsieh Yi Min 6-dan & Takao Shinji 9-dan pair


Rui Naiwai 9-dan & Chen Yaoye 9-dan pair


Choi Jeong 9-dan & Park Jeonghwan 9-dan pair

Oh Yujin 6-dan & Shin Jinseo 9-dan pair

Chinese Taipei:

Missingham Joanne Jia-Jia 7-dan & Lin Chun Yen 7-dan pair

Yang Tzu Hsuan 2-dan & Wang Yuan-Jyun 8-dan pair

Current champions

The Pair Go World Champions are Yu Zhiying 6-dan & Ke Jie 9-dan pair (China)


2018 AGA Survey

It’s that time again! July is the time when we try to get a picture of Australian Go players and their activities whether affiliated to a club or not! The survey runs from 1st July to 31st July, so have your say – to complete the survey please click here

The survey is very brief, but it’s very important and helpful for us to know what is happening in Australia: who is playing, where you’re playing, what your thoughts are. We are always trying to work out ways to improve and spread Go in Australia, and this survey is the major tool we use to guide those efforts.

So if you play Go please take five minutes to fill out this survey! (Literally takes 5 minutes, we timed it. And we’re really slow at filling out surveys, so it’ll probably take you much less.)

If you know anyone who plays Go who might not have seen this or filled it out, please forward the link to them as well! We’re going for maximum participation here!

A copy of the results will be published on this website in due course.


2018 Go Congress

The 2018 Go Congress will be held between Sept 27th and Sept 30th 2018 at Sydney University.  All details are on the Congress website timetable of events can be found here and the address and map can be found here – this website also has pages to help you find accommodation, tourist activities and registration.

The Australian Go Congress was founded by Sang-Dae Hahn in 2015. Professor Hahn was also the initiator of the Korean Ambassador’s Cup tournament which is now played in more than 10 countries.

Raphael Shin is Publisher of the Hanho Korean Newspaper in Sydney is the major sponsor and Chairman of the Congress organising committee – Raphael is also president of the Australian Go Association.

David Mitchell is General Manager for the Congress with Max Han (CFO), Sol Shin (Secretary) and An Younggil 8P (Tournament Referee) dealing with all organizational matters.

The Congress is supported by the Australian Go Association (A.G.A.), Sydney Go Club and Sydney University Go Club.  There is also valuable input from the Australian Go Community in particular from Billy Sun, Erli Qiu, William Qian, Neville Smythe, Daniel Li, Cindy Xu and James Kaaden.