2020 Digital Tournament

Online OGS or KGS

This year's Australian Digital is being held in November/December. The details are up at digital.go.org.au. All Go players in New Zealand, Australia, and the other South Pacific nations are cordially invited to compete.


Australian Open & Digital Tournament

Online OGS or KGS

The Australian Go Association cannot convene for a national championship in person. Normally the Nationals would be in Sydney for 2021, people flying in from all over the country over one of their long weekends. That will not happen this year, as most states are either quarantining to control epidemic SARS-CoV-2-delta or quarantining to keep out epidemic SARS-CoV-2. So, plan B: the 6th Australian Digital Championship is also the 43rd Australian Open. This is a temporary measure and all expectations are that we will revert to the customary tournament form next year.