8th China Mind Sport Cultural Exposition

The China Qiyuan Hangzhou Branch is organising the 8th China Mind Sport Cultural Exposition which includes the 1st Jinqiao Guolv Cup Weiqi Tournament.  The event will take place between September 15th to October 15th 2020.

The tournament will be held using the Tygem Go server.  The winners will receive significant prizes including teaching games from top professional players.

For details and entry forms you can visit

The tournament organisers put great value in the integrity of the tournament and consider any breaches of trust a serious matter.  Use of AI engines or other artificial intelligence engines is totally unacceptable.  The Australian Go Association strongly advise anybody entering the tournament to adopt the following practices:

  • For each game, a player must set up a video camera (or smart phone) and record each game as it is played.
  • The video content must cover the side of the room with the computer and surroundings and be uninterrupted for the whole game.
  • The computer application (Tygem, WBaduk, OGS, KGS etc) must have the sound of the stones being played turned on and the recording must include sound.
  • The player must not wear a headset of have other communication devices in the same room.
  • Each video recording must be kept for at least 1 week after the end of the tournament.
  • If requested by the Tournament Director or Tournament Referee the player must supply the original unedited video.