2019 Kuksu Mountain Tournament

This message is for players of 18 years of age or younger and their parents.

The Korea Baduk Association (KBA) has sent a request asking for expressions of interest from people 18 years old or younger who wish to enter the 6th Jeollanamdo Kuksu Mountains International Baduk
Championship and International Youth Baduk Festival in Korea to be held between August 2nd and 7th 2019.  A child entering the event must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is responsible for them.

Details can be found in English by clicking here; Chinese by clicking here; Japanese by clicking here.

Apart from the above, I have no further information.  If you have questions please email secretary@australiango.asn.au and I will try to answer but complex matters will have to be addressed by the KBA by emailing Seongmin Kim at msk87@baduk.or.kr

If you wish to apply please complete the spreadsheet (found here) for each entrant and accompanying parent and return it to secretary@australiango.asn.au by 30th June 2018 – I will collate all entries and submit the list to KBA. The number of places is limited so applying is no guarantee of acceptance.

Please note this is not an Australian Go Association organised event, this is hosted, managed and funded by KBA – the AGA’s role is coordinating entries for Australian players.