A.G.A. Inc.


This is the home of the Australian Go Association Inc. (AGA).  We are the National Association of Go players in Australia and our aim is the promotion of the game of Go and communication between the Go players of Australia.

The AGA represents the Australian Go playing community internationally through membership of the International Go Federation and World Pair Go Association selecting Australian representatives to compete in international tournaments such as the World Amateur Go Championships, The Korean Prime Minister’s Cup as well as liaison with other national Go associations. The AGA maintains the official Australian Go rankings and representative points tables and appoints an organizing organisation for the Australian National Championships each year.

If you are a beginner and want more information about Go, clubs or lessons, please email contactus@australiango.asn.au

One of the key deliverables of the Australian Go Association to its members is learning material. The AGA with support from Sustaining members and donations hold weekly ‘live lessons’ from Younggil An 8P. (Details are emailed weekly to Sustaining AGA members).

The Australian Go Association also has a YouTube channel with video lessons and a website with lessons mainly for kyu players. The DDK ‘live lesson’ notes are published there as well as other learning materials. The URL is http://forum.artofgo.org/   James Kaaden and David Mitchell have created the content but if you are a strong kyu or Dan player and want to help others, let the AGA Secretary know by email and we can publish your material too.

The Go clubs in Australia organised by local players to help nearby players practise the art of Go on a regular basis.  There is also a National Club which uses various Internet technologies to enable players from across Australia to find a teacher or contact other Australian Go players for a game.

The AGA does not organise local clubs or tournament but we do publish events and club contact information and encourage new clubs to be set up across Australia.  The AGA has limited resources but if you let us know we may be able to help with new clubs or lessons so please email the AGA Secretary.

A list of AGA Open Champions can be found here

We gratefully acknowledge our Sustaining Members for their support of AGA projects:
Horatio Davis, Rodney Topor, David Bofinger, David Mitchell, Dai Zhuo Jia, James Kaaden, Tony Purcell, Des Blackwell, Amy Song, Rick Lush, Peter Simpson, Xin Lei, Gareth White, Harry Fearnley, Brian Humphreys, Andrew Morris, Eric Pierre, Colton Tinkey, Luke Clyburn, Nevar Fourie, Silvia Lozeva, Rye Senjen

our Sponsors who have donated generously to the AGA:

Canberra Go Club, Sydney Go Club, Zhouyan Xu, David Mitchell, Mark Ahn, Bodaniel Jeanes, Queensland Go Society, Dan Hilvert

and our Life Members for their lifetime contributions to Go in Australia:

Neville Smythe, Billy Sun, Raphael Shin.