A.G.A. Inc.

Home of the Australian Go Association Inc. (AGA). 

The AGA is the National Association of Go players in Australia. Our aim is to promote the game of Go, help players improve and provide a communications channel between Australian Go players.

The AGA represents the Australian Go playing community internationally through membership of the International Go Federation and World Pair Go Association.

 Go clubs and tournaments in Australia are organised by local players. The AGA publishes that information on this site – check out events, member info, and all the other menu items for details.

If can’t find a club near you check out the Australian Online Go Club Discord channel.

If you still have a question, please email contactus@australiango.asn.au

A list of AGA Open Champions can be found here

We gratefully acknowledge our Sustaining Members for their support of AGA projects:

Horatio Davis, Matthew Crossman, Bruce Mcintosh, Alexander Hanysz, David Mitchell, Dai Zhuo Jia, Andrew Fischhof, Tony Purcell, Yiming Shen, Des Blackwell, Rick Lush, Peter Simpson, Xin Lei, Gareth White, Harry Fearnley, Brian Humphreys, Nevar Fourie, Rye Senjen, Bo Jeanes, Raymond Yeung, Derek Ip, Grant Brown, Warrick Paddon, Frank Hippmann

our Sponsors who have donated generously to the AGA:

Arthur Zhang, Grant Brown, Zhouyan Xu, Gareth White, Charles Lush, John Griffin, Thiago Ramos

and our Life Members for their lifetime contributions to Go in Australia:

Neville Smythe, Bill Leveritt, Billy Sun, Raphael Shin.