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2024 Live Lessons

Join us Friday evenings for An Younggil’s Live Lesson – real practical lessons from a top professional in real time so you can ask questions.  The topics for the lesson vary from week to week so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s something valuable to learn for everyone.

🕢 Time: 7:30 PM (Sydney time) Friday May 3rd

🖥️ Zoom Meeting Details:

URL: Zoom Meeting URL
Meeting ID: 833 7405 1800
Passcode: 709575

AGA members are emailed the Zoom credentials – if you want to join in, please join the AGA

Lessons from 2024 are on YouTube (click here to check them out)

Finally, we have updated the Club Contact Information which includes details of new clubs.  Have there been changes to your club’s contact information, or are you aware of any new clubs on the Go scene? Help us keep our records up to date by sending updates to


2023 AGA Annual General Meeting (draft minutes)

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Go Association Inc was held on Sunday 3rd December at the Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre, 149 Acacia Road, Karawatha, Queensland 4117.  A .pdg of the draft minutes are available here



AGA eBooks

The Australian Go Association is publishing books for members to help them improve skills and playing strength of Australian Go players. The books have been created by members of the AGA and are provided free of charge to all AGA members and can be found here.

AGA member or not, you can download these books and if you wish to help the AGA provide more books, please consider making a donation – as little as $2 or as much as you wish – by clicking here or by using the AGA Donation QR Code on the right.


Benefits of AGA membership

An Younggil’s Live lesson videos are available on YouTube – click here for the 2023 playlist; click here for the 2022 play list; click here for the 2021 play list.

As an AGA member you are eligible for AGA Representative points (rep points) so you could represent Australia at an International tournament. Please click here for details.

The AGA will email news of events and other information periodically. Information about clubs, events, tournament, Go news are published on this site.

The Australian Go Association provides learning materials which are delivered by various means. We have a YouTube channel with video lessons from the Go Congress and other ad-hoc sources please click here for the play list.