AGA Representative Points

AGA Tournaments eligible for award of Representative Points

Representative Points are earned by participation in AGA tournaments by players who are financial members of the AGA. First place in the Nationals earns 2000 points, second place 1700, and so on according to a sliding scale. All players earn points, including players in Handicap sections; details may be found here.

State tournaments and other approved tournaments also attract RP at a rate determined by a multiplier applied to the Nationals top section scale:
  Open sections: 1.0 Nationals top section, 0.5 other divisions with at least 6 players
  Handicap: 0.2 for ≥ 6 players
 State and other approved tournaments:
   0.1 for eligible total dan ranks 6-31
   0.2 … 32-47
   0.3 … 48+
   0.1 for 12 or more players
   0.05 for 6-11 players

The column RP earned shows the points earned during the year (so A+300 means 300 points were earned in the tournament labelled A in the tournament list above). At the end of each year a deduction of 20% is made for all players to make it easier for new players to enter the system, and then any deductions or bonuses are applied (shown with label *), to give the Representative Points for the next year.

Selection for representing Australia in the World Amateur Go Championship and the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup is offered to Australian citizens at the top of the RP table. The selected player incurs a deduction of 5000 or more points: details shown here.