AGA Officer and committee duties

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The duties and responsibilities of an officer or committee member of the AGA are defined by the NSW DFT Incorporations act and can be found by clicking on this link Duties_Guide.pdf.  The NSW DFT Duties at time of AGA Incorporation can be found here.

The committee as of 1st January 2024 is:

David Mitchell (Secretary-General), Raphael Shin (President), Neville Smythe (vice-president), James Kaaden (Treasurer), An Younggil (National Coach), Amy Song (student and women’s officer), Erli Qiu (China liaison), Peter Simpson (communications) and Colton Tinkey (archivist)

The official postal address for the AGA and the AGA Public Officer is:

1, Wilshire Avenue, Cronulla, NSW, 2230