AGA Clubs


Live Lessons

Contact: Secretary-General


Live Lessons are presented once a week by the AGA national coach Younggil An 8P and other strong Australian Go players with topics suitable for all level of player including beginners.

Live Lessons are delivered using Zoom teleconferencing and attendees are encouraged to ask questions and contribute – it is not like watching a YouTube video.

The Live Lesson schedule for 2023 starts in mid-January and will be accessible to AGA Sustaining members, if the KBA sponsor the lessons they will be made available to all AGA members.

Sustaining members pay $80 for a year – if you are looking for a value proposition, there are close to 50 lessons already scheduled so that is slightly less than $2 per lesson. You can join as a Sustaining member or make a donation on this website.

Canberra Go Club (National Club)

Contact: Neville Smythe or David Bofinger

email: or


OGS: Canberra Go Club

The club meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm (Canberra time). Players from across Australia are encouraged to join in. The club uses OGS for games and the Discord channel to arrange and discuss games, so it does not matter where you live in Australia you can participate.  If you have any questions, please email Neville Smythe or David Bofinger.

Australian Online Go Club

Contact: David Mitchell


Phone: 0413 080 900


Australian Go Club – Note the Club uses a private Facebook group for Australian players of all ranks – you must used the website to join.

Website: Art of Go

Meets: 24 x 365.2422


Good to Go – ADF Go Club

Contact: Ralph Feng




Note: the Club uses internal Australian Defence Force communications for general notices so please contact Ralph for more information about the club

Website: Forcenet (Good to Go page)

Meets: weekly