Player Ranks

The following table lists the current AGAGoR ratings of players based on results of AGA official tournaments, with the equivalent dan/kyu ranks. Note that only AGA members who have participated in a tournament in the last 4 years (normally 3 years, but now 4 because of Covid-19) are shown here.

 #G shows the total number of rated games recorded for the player since initial registration (nb. games at more than 5 handicap stones are not rated).

 #R shows the number of rated games played since initially entering the system or since the last approved rank reset (see * below). Ratings based on a small number of games will only reflect minor changes from the initial rank setting.

The last two columns show the date of the last tournament for the player and the rank at which the player registered for that tournament.

*While players and Tournament Directors are encouraged to use the official AGA rank there may be reasons to enter a tournament at a different rank, for example if the player’s strength has changed markedly since the last tournament played. This change of rank may be approved by the Ratings Officer to manually reset the rating for that player.


AGAGoR is an Elo-type rating system based on the European Go Federation Rating system. A rating of 2100 corresponds to an “average” 1 dan but the numeric rating allows for finer grading: the rank 1 dan corresponds to the range 2050 to 2149. Thus a handicap of 1 stone may be appropriate for a game between players with ratings 2055 and 2145 even though both are ranked at 1 dan. Each rank corresponds to a step of 100 rating points: thus 1 kyu corresponds to a rating 2000 +/- 50 ie. the range 1950 to 2049, etc. The rank of 7 dan is reserved for award by the AGA Ratings Committee. More details may be found here.