Terms & Conditions

Transfer & Refund policy

All Australian Go Association Inc members agree to comply with the AGA Inc Constitution and the EGF Code of ethics (see the Constitution page)

Membership is not transferable to another party, any attempt to transfer a membership will render it null and void – no refund will be given.

A member may resign from the association but no refund is available. If you feel this is unfair or there are special circumstances you may request a review by emailing secretary@AustralianGo.asn.au

Each request will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Disputes or problems between members

Disputes between members should be dealt with by the members.  If a member feels another member is not complying with the Constitution or the Code of Ethics they may contact the AGA Committee by emailing secretary@AustralianGo.asn.au with all of the facts.  The AGA Committee will address the matter following the processes described in the AGA’s Constitution.

Tournament and event management

All AGA approved tournaments are managed by the designated tournament director who will comply with the AGA Constitution and IGF Code of Ethics.  The Tournament Director has the responsibility for all aspects of the tournament including admission, setting entry fees, prizes, event logistics, administration, and the running of the tournament including dispute resolution. The Tournament Director may appoint a Tournament Referee and assistant Tournament Directors as they see fit but the final arbiter for any dispute or clarification of rules or any other issue is the Tournament Director.

The AGA Committee may make changes to the Terms & Conditions from time to time, any changes will be published on the website and made available to all members.


All members consent to the AGA sending legal notices as required by an Incorporated Association (for example, the notice of AGM).


Members of the AGA must comply with the IGF Code of Ethics, particularly the sections covering equality, dignity and fair play. AGA Members are also governed by the AGA Constitution which prohibits members from “acting in a way considered bring the Association into disrepute or be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the AGA”.  Such breaches may result in the member being expelled from the AGA under section 4 (c) of the Constitution.


By applying to join the Australian Go Association Inc. you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. If you are unable to accept the above and wish to explore the matter further please email secretary@australiango.asn.au