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2020 AGA AGM

Details of the 2020 AGM have been emailed to all members – if you have not recieved a copy, please email …   or you can view the documents here

Members are urged to read the documents and vote using the form provided.  The dead-line for votes is 31st October 2020.

If you did not recieve the email, the documents and ballot paper are here


8th China Mind Sport Cultural Exposition

The China Qiyuan Hangzhou Branch is organising the 8th China Mind Sport Cultural Exposition which includes the 1st Jinqiao Guolv Cup Weiqi Tournament.  The event will take place between September 15th to October 15th 2020.

The tournament will be held using the Tygem Go server.  The winners will receive significant prizes including teaching games from top professional players.

For details and entry forms you can visit

The tournament organisers put great value in the integrity of the tournament and consider any breaches of trust a serious matter.  Use of AI engines or other artificial intelligence engines is totally unacceptable.  The Australian Go Association strongly advise anybody entering the tournament to adopt the following practices:

  • For each game, a player must set up a video camera (or smart phone) and record each game as it is played.
  • The video content must cover the side of the room with the computer and surroundings and be uninterrupted for the whole game.
  • The computer application (Tygem, WBaduk, OGS, KGS etc) must have the sound of the stones being played turned on and the recording must include sound.
  • The player must not wear a headset of have other communication devices in the same room.
  • Each video recording must be kept for at least 1 week after the end of the tournament.
  • If requested by the Tournament Director or Tournament Referee the player must supply the original unedited video.

AGAnews emails

Details of the AGA Zoom lessons are going to junk folders – if you are a current member and are not getting the weekly emails, please check your junk folder.  If the email is not there, please email with your name, AGA id and email account and we will investigate.


2020 Korean Prime Minister’s Cup

Jay Rie is the Australian representative at the 2020 Korean Prime Minister’s Cup which is being held on-line for the first time due to Covid-19 concerns.

The first three rounds will be played on the Tygem server. Jay Rie’s playing name on Tygem is “Rie” (with a capital R).

The game schedule is:

Round 1 – August. 5th, 10am

Round 2 – August. 8th, 10am

Round 3 – August 12th, 10am

Spectators will need a Tygem account and software to watch live – the URL to register and get the software is


Live Pro lessons

Thanks to the support of the Korean Baduk Association, An Younggil 8P is teaching live classes twice a week to Australian Go players.  Currently the classes are on Friday and Sunday evenings and are presented using Zoom.

In addition, David Mitchell is holding weekly double digit kyu lessons on Tuesday evenings, as with Younggil’s lessons the classes will use Zoom.

The AGA Publicity Officer will email all AGA members weekly with the details of all the classes.


Online Clubs

The following is a list of Online clubs created to contend with the Covid-19 emergency and associated social distancing regulations.

Canberra Go Club

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Canberra Go Club will meet on the OGS online server using Discord for improved social interaction.  For details please contact Neville Smythe at

Sydney University

The USYD Go Society is trying out weekly meetings every Wednesday 12-2pm. We use Discord for communication and have an OGS group for playing games. The Discord server link is here.  If you would like to play, connect and ask people on Discord.

Queensland Go Society

All clubs under the QGS umbrella have a room on the QGS Discord. Non-Queensland players are completely welcome – pop on and see if anyone is interested in a game, or just to chat.



2019 Australian Go Championships

The 2019 Australian Go Championships will be held in Melbourne over the weekend of December 7th and 8th.  The AGA’s annual general meeting will be held on Saturday at the same venue.

Details of the championships can be found at