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AGA 2022 Nationals – Results

There were almost 50 players at the 2022 AGA Nationals held at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues club on December 3rd & 4th.

The winners of the 2022 AGA Nationals Championships are are follows:

Division 1 (Open)

1st Tim Gu (6 wins from 6 games)

2nd Zhiming Deng (5 wins from 6 games)

3rd Tom Chen (4 wins from 6 games)

4th David He (4 wins from 6 games)

Division 2 (Dan Handicap)

1st Huan Li (6 wins from 6 games)

2nd Peter Simpson ( 4 wins from 6 games)

3rd Tony Hu (4 wins from 6 games)

4th Bowen Ge (4 wins from 6 games)

Division 3 (Kyu handicap)

Equal 1st Hong Wanpyo and Junkyo Lee (5 wins from 6 games)

3rd Gareth White (5 wins from 6 games)

4th Andrew Morris (4 wins from 6 games).

Under 18

1st – Tim Gu

2nd William Rui

3rd Tony Hu

Photos and full results can be found here



2022 Annual General Meeting

AGA 2022 AGM notice to members

Notice is hereby given that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Go Association Inc will be held at midday Saturday 3rd December at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde, NSW, 2114.

All members are encouraged to attend and vote on the following matters at the meeting.


1. Reading of the minutes of the previous AGM – Document attached with this notice.
2. Reading of the Secretary-General’s report – Document attached with this notice.
3. Reading of the Treasurer’s report, including P&L and Balance Sheet – Documents attached with this notice.
4. Nominations for President – Raphael Shin.
5. Nominations for vice-President – Neville Smythe.
6. Nominations for Treasurer – James Kaaden.
7. Nominations for Secretary-General & DFT Public Officer – David Mitchell.
8. Nominations for Membership registrar – Neville Smythe.
9. Nominations for 5 committee members – An Younggil; Erli Qiu; Peter Simpson, Amy Song & Colton Tinkey.
10. Nominations for National Coach (ex-officio) – An Younggil 8P.
11. Location of 2023 National Championships & AGM.
12. Any other business.

Click here for a .pdf 

Please note: All AGA members as at 1st November were sent an email with the above details and other documents.  If you are an AGA member and did not get the email, please check your junk folder – if you cannot find the message, please contact us by emailing


2021 Australian Open & Digital Tournament

This year the 43rd Australian Open and the 6th Australian Digital Championship will be a combined tournament due to Covid regulations. The AGA Committee, and I am sure all AGA members owe a huge “thank you” to Horatio Davis and Allan Hunt for taking on this task.  With luck this will be a temporary measure and we will revert to the customary tournament form next year.

The tournament is on the Internet in seven rounds, one game per week. Results are due by midnight each Sunday by email. The draw for the next round (opponent, colour, handicap) will be sent out by midday Monday. Each competitor is to contact their opponent, sort out a time, play the game online, email the result and the game record to the tournament director. The tournament is an Australian Swiss draw in three divisions, open (2k to 7d), upper handicap (2d to 10k, up to nine stones), and lower handicap (10k to 30k, up to nine stones) using Australian (Japanese) rules.  There is no entry fee.

Full details are on the tournament web page


AGA Tournament History

Tournaments have been held in Australia for many years but the results disappear in mists of time.  Neville Smythe has done a Herculean job collecting all of the results and putting them on this website.  Check out our documents page for all the results from the good old days.



Diabolical on TsumeGo Hero

David Mitchell has worked with TsumeGo Hero over the past month and we are pleased to announce there is now a collection of 10 “Diabolical” problems on the site.

TsumeGo Hero is a great platform for studying and practicing life and death skills.  The “Diabolical” problems are not easy. Each problem consists of four or more positions on the board. Just one is unsettled; killing a dead group or living with a live group is a waste of a move and clearly wrong.


Charity Go Tournament

A charity Go Tournament in support of the eradication of poliomyelitis is being organised in Europe.  Registrations are mainly from Europe, America and Asia but the event is open to all. There are prizes for individuals as well as for the best city team as well.

This is the first tournament of its kind – the organisers web site is

Registration is open and the tournament will start on the 16th january 2021.


Benefits of AGA membership

As an AGA member you are eligible for AGA Representative points (rep points) so you could represent Australia at an International tournament. Please visit for details.

The AGA will email news of events and other information periodically. Information about clubs, events, tournament, Go news etc. can be found at

The Australian Go Association provides learning materials which are delivered by various means. We have a YouTube channel with video lessons

There are learning materials aimed at beginners and DDK players at

The National Club uses various Internet technologies to enable players across Australia to find each other and/or a teacher. Details of the club and how to join are at

The AGA has a premium service for Sustaining members which gives access to weekly lessons (generally two each week) aimed at players from beginner to Dan level. Details can be found at


Donations – Thank you

On behalf of all Australian Go players I would like to thank David Bofinger and Neville Smythe for their generous donations supporting the 2021 Live Lesson program.

Live Lessons are presented twice a week by the AGA national coach Younggil An 8P and other strong Australian Go players with topics suitable for all level of player including beginners.

Live Lessons are delivered using Zoom teleconferencing and attendees are encouraged to ask questions and contribute – it is not like watching a YouTube video.

The 2020 program is very generously supported by the Korean Baduk Association but in 2021 we have to fund the lessons ourselves. So, the 2021 Live lesson schedule is being financed through individual donations and from AGA Sustaining membership fees.

The Live Lesson schedule for 2021 starts in mid-January runs until the end of May and will be accessible to AGA Sustaining members.  The schedule of Live Lessons will be extended further if there are further donations or more enrollments of Sustaining members.

Sustaining members pay $80 for a year – if you are looking for a value proposition, there are close to 40 lessons already scheduled so that is slightly over $2 per lesson. You can join as a Sustaining member or make a donation on this website.