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2021 NZ Digital Tournament Wraps Up

A big thank you to our friends across the ditch for inviting us Aussies to take part in their NZ Digital Tournament. Colin Grierson did a fantastic job as the Tournament Director and deserves special mention. The tournament was played in good spirits and seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

In regards to the results, it seems us Aussies will need to go back to the goban and study hard in hope of another invite next year! The Kiwis comprehensively dominated both divisions. Well played by them.

In the Open Division, the top three Aussies were Amy Song 5d (6th), Kevin Chu 5d (7th) and James Kaaden 2d (8th). For the Handicap Division, well done to Colton Tinkey 16k (11th), Andrew Morris 10k (12th) and Horatio Davis 1k (14th).


Full results can be found here: