DAKTECH Cup 2022 Update

Townsville Go Club is hosting the Daktech Cup 2022 Tournament for Rare Cancers Australia. The tournament is over and has raised over $1,700 for Rare Cancers Australia.  A huge “thank you” must go to Mell & Colton Tinkey for all of the work to make the tournament a success. Colton’s final email with the results are below.

We have officially finished the DakTech Cup Tournament and now it is time to announce our winners!

For the Open Division:

  1. Webber TSE
  2. Ken Xie
  3. Amy Song

For the Handicap Division:

  1.  Serene Rawlings
  2. Gareth White
  3. Alfred Burgess

Excellent work guys!

For the winners and/or those to receive prizes:

Those living in Australia, your shipping costs are paid for by the sponsor, all I need from you is an address for me to send the prizes to. 

For those living outside of Australia, all you have is to pay for postage. I will box everything up and send it to the address you give me. Before shipping I will give you the exact cost and if you are ok with that price, we’ll agree to a payment method. Once paid I will mail the items out to you. Any questions please let me know. 

Final words…..

Just want to say a thank you to all of the participants in this tournament for playing your heart out and supporting Rare Cancers Australia. We wanted this tournament to be fun for all skill levels and to support something within Australian communities nationally. With the money everyone has donated ($1,703), 100% of that goes directly to individuals and their families suffering from some form of rare cancer. So a huge thank you on the behalf of those receiving your gift. Well done everyone!

Also want to say a huge thank you to DakTech for supporting us in paying for the trophies, shipping/postage within Australia and other financial costs so everything that was donated would go to Rare Cancers Australia! If you get the chance, send them a brief email or message on Facebook/Instagram to say a quick thank you. 

Lastly, the Australian Go Association and its support in helping with logistics, prizes and help with running a tournament all together. Made the tournament a blast to direct and fun for the players. Another huge thank you!

Full details including links to all of the games can be found at daktechcup.artofgo.org