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2018 – AGA Committee Officers & other roles

2018 – AGA Committee Officers & other roles

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AGA committee contact email address:  secretary@australiango.asn.au

Committee Members

Raphael Shin  (gilshin@yahoo.com.au) – president, Sydney

Neville Smythe  (vicepresident@australiango.asn.au) – vice president, Canberra

David Mitchell  (secretary@australiango.asn.au) – Secretary General, Incorporation Public Officer, Sydney

Horatio Davis  (horatio@go.org.au) – Treasurer, Brisbane (Resigned June 2018)

Daniel Li  (kwantaoli@gmail.com) – Sydney

James Kaaden  (james.kaaden@gmail.com) Treasurer & Publicity Officer – Melbourne

Allan Hunt  (secretary@brisbane.go.org.au) –Brisbane

Matthew Crossman  (matjetius@gmail.com) –Sydney

Erli Qiu  (erliqiu@gmail.com) – Gold Coast

An Younggil 8P (anyoungkil@gmail.com) – National Coach

Other roles

Neville Smythe  – International Go Federation director for Oceania

Matthew Crossman  (matjetius@gmail.com) – membership registrar & Web Master

Ratings Committee

An Younggil 8p (anyoungkil@gmail.com) – chair

Neville Smythe   (vicepresident@australiango.asn.au)

Matthew Crossman  (matjetius@gmail.com)

Ratings System Working Group

Matthew Crossman  (matjetius@gmail.com)

Neville Smythe   (vicepresident@australiango.asn.au)  – chair

Horatio Davis  (horatio@go.org.au)

Youth Working Group

David Mitchell  (secretary@australiango.asn.au) – chair

An Younggil 8p (anyoungkil@gmail.com)

Daniel Li  (kwantaoli@gmail.com)

International and Pairs Working Group

Yoko Usami

Erli Qiu  (erliqiu@gmail.com) – chair

AGA University Coordinator

Daniel Li


Note: All positions are honorary – no officer or committee member is paid for the work they do for the AGA