2018 AGA EGM

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Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the AGA

Venue: The Hanho Newspaper Building, 570 Blaxland Road, Eastwood, 2122

Date: Sunday 4th March 2018.


Minutes & Chair

David Mitchell

Vote scrutineers

Neville Smythe & Tony Purcell



Minutes of the meeting

The meeting opened at 12:40pm at the Hanho Cup Tournament, Blaxland Road, Eastwood.

David Mitchell reminded the meeting of the vote to Incorporate the AGA at the 2017 AGM and that the changes to the Constitution and other information had been sent to all members a month earlier.

The members present were asked if they had any questions or wished to have any addition information relating to the proposal.

One member asked why the existing constitution was not acceptable.  David Mitchell explained that Incorporation had legal requirements for a constitution and that the existing document was insufficient.  David also explained that a sub-committee of the AGA and the AGA committee had reviewed the new constitution prior to putting it to members.

David Mitchell moved the proposal to change the AGA constitution be accepted, seconded by Neville Smythe.

The scrutineers handed out voting forms and collected the completed forms.

The final vote was 49 in favour; 4 against.  The motion was overwhelmingly carried.

The meeting closed at 12:55pm

March 4th 2018


Members present at the meeting

Jung Ung Lee Won Joong Lee Andrew Fischhof Shane Wu
Kinam Jang Richard Yeh Huazhen Liu Joseph Choi
Joseph Jeon Matthew Crossman Stephen Liu Amy Song
Hong Wanpyo Sukwan Shin Joonseo Yang Tony Purcell
Justin Shao Myung Hoon Kim Kevin Li Jae Ha Park
Shelley Mo Joseph Choi Lucas Wang Kwansub Song
Jimmy Shie Suinghyun  Choi Jian Wang Bowen Ge
Geoffrey Briggs Kevin Zhang Juho Jung Yixiao Zhan
Tony Xi Neville Smythe Jason Zhu Yoon Gook Noh
Hardy Hou Joseph Jeon Terry Cai Chulhwan Choi
Kwanghyun Ko Zhou Wei Jake Gong
Sebastian Hidalgo David He Justin Wang
Wang Zhenglin Daniel Li An Younggil
Steven Yang William Qian David Mitchell
Hwasoo Kim Xin Lei Raphael Shin

Valid Member votes at the meeting (27 in favour – 0 against)

Neville Smythe YES Chulhwan Choi YES
Matthew Crossman YES Amy Song YES
Kevin Jiang YES Shin Seong Wook YES
Shelley Mo YES Jae Ha Park YES
Yoon Gook Noh YES Jay Rie YES
Joseph Choi YES Zhou Wei YES
Raphael Shin YES Joseph Jeon YES
Jung Ung Lee YES Allan Hunt NO
Myung Hoon Kim YES Daniel Li YES
Kwansub Song YES Hong Wanpyo YES
David He YES Kwanghyun Ko YES
Tony Purcell YES Sebastian Hidalgo YES
Raphael Shin YES Bowen Ge YES
Jimmy Shie YES


There was one spoilt ballot paper at the meeting; there were 5 ballot papers lodged at the meeting that were illegible or not completed properly.

Associate members at the meeting did not vote.

All invalid votes showed a ‘Yes’ decision.

Email votes received prior to the meeting (22 in favour 4 against)

Peter Hexel YES Brian Humphreys YES
David Mitchell YES Jimmy Nguyen YES
James Kaaden YES Mango Fan YES
Cindy Xu YES Cassie Zhu YES
Tony Oxenham YES Michael Hyde YES
Andrew Fischhof YES Jesse Lewis YES
Geoffrey Briggs YES Hardy Yan YES
Jacky Zhu YES Peter Simpson YES
Mark Ahn YES Horatio Davis NO
Cheng Zuo YES Dominick Chan NO
Xin Lei YES Sun Woo Nam NO
Cary Jin YES Allan Hunt NO
Pamela Oxenham YES
Barry Allison YES

There were no spoilt email ballot papers.