2020 AGA AGM documents

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The 2020 AGA AGM cannot take place as originally planned because the 2020 National Championships have been cancelled. The AGA have the right to defer the AGM until 2021 under NSW DFT special regulations.

The AGA Committee discussed these matters at the September Committee meeting and decided it would be best to keep members informed and seek approval for the Committee proposals and if the membership choose, to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The link below contains the Secretary-General’s report, Treasurer’s report, AGA 2019/20 Balance Sheet, AGA 2019/20 Profit and Loss statement and the notice for the AGM including a ballot sheet.

The Committee is asking the membership to vote on the following matters using the ballot paper in the ‘2020 AGM notice to members’ document which must be completed and emailed to secretary@australiango.asn.au no later than October 31st 2020.

  • To approve the minutes of the previous AGM as a true record
  • To approve the Treasurer’s report To approve the 2019/20 Balance Sheet
  • To approve the 2019/20 Profit and loss statement To approve the Secretary General’s report
  • To approve the committee’s decision for the existing Officers and Committee members to continue for one year.
  • There is also a proposal to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting under the provisions of the AGA Constitution.

AGA AGM Officer reports and finacials Ballot paper to be completed by members and emailed to the General-Secretary


Voting for the resolutions closed at the end of October, the results can be found here