Check list to start a Go club

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Starting a Go club is not hard, the following checklist can help but they key is creating something that can last.  So make sure you have somebody to lead, preferably two people just in case of illness.  Schedule the meeting for a practical day or week and at a frequency you can maintain over many months and years.  If your only problem is equipment, teaching materials or a teacher contact the AGA Secretary –

The list is as follows:

  1. Person to lead
    1. Somebody who will decide things
    2. Somebody who will act as a single point of contact
  2. A place to meet
    1. The home of the leader
    2. BBQ and other tables in a local park
    3. A friendly coffee shop
    4. The local library
  3. A meeting time
    1. Something that is regular
    2. Weekly or monthly – it does not matter
  4. Equipment – go sets
    1. One set per two players
    2. Ask the people to bring their own sets
    3. Charge a small entry fee and use that to buy more sets
    4. If you are starting from scratch, contact the AGA Secretary
  5. Advertising – getting people to come
    1. Word of mouth is best – invite your friends
    2. Print leaflets and put them in letter boxes or on notice boards in libraries. supermarkets or shops
    3. Create a Facebook group and invite your friends
  6. Entry fee
    1. Charge enough to pay for the meeting place
  7. Teaching
    1. Everybody who can play can teach beginners
    2. For teaching resources contact the AGA Secretary (
  8. Luck
    1. Get a couple of bucket fulls and use it sparingly
    2. Don’t despair when people don’t come or recognise the effort – that’s life
    3. Good luck!