Known Go Teachers in Australia

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Younggil An 8P (Sydney)

Contact: An Young Gil (anyoungkil@gmail.com, 0401399827)
Location: Professional in residence at the Sydney Go Club, teaches there and via the internet.
Teaching: Lectures, group classes and Internet, one-to-one tutoring in go
Speaks: English, Korean

William Qian (Sydney)

Contact: William Qian (wqian@tpg.com.au, 0401-292-598)
Location: Kingsgrove
Teaching: group classes & individual tuition specialising in young players; William also runs a club for children on Sunday afternoons
Languages: Chinese, English

Daniel Li (Sydney University)

Contact: Daniel Li (kwantaoli@gmail.com, 0490-335-219)
Location: Chatswood, Sydney University
Teaching: one on one and group classes
Languages: English, Chinese

David Mitchell (Sydney)

Contact: David Mitchell (david@1wilshire2230.net.au, 0413-080-900)
Location: Cronulla; Sydney Go Club Surry Hills; Online
Teaching: one on one, group classes and Internet, monthly beginners classes at Sydney Go Club
Languages: English

Tom Chen (Sydney)

Contact: Tom Chen (tomsyd22@gmail.com)
Location: Killara
Teaching: Children and people under 18
Languages: English, Chinese

Way to Go (Melbourne)

Contact: James Kaaden (james.kaaden@gmail.com, 0408 560 459)
Location: Victorian Go Club, or we come to you!
Teaching: One on one and group lessons
Speaks: English