On-line tournament protocol

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AGA Online Go Tournaments

The advent of AI and strong Go playing programs gives rise to the possibility of cheating, especially during an online tournament where there are no witnesses.

Accusing a person of cheating is a major step and needs to be supported by hard and fast evidence.  Simply saying, a professional player thinks you were using an AI program is nowhere good enough.  Similarly, for the person playing the game to say “I didn’t use an AI program, I thought it was a good move” is not good enough either.

The 2020 Korean Prime Minister’s cup introduced a protocol where the players were required to set up a video recording of the room where the games was being played.  If requested that video could be viewed by the tournament organisers and any issues resolved.  This solution gave certainty and was only a minor inconvenience to the participants.

On-line tournament protocol

The tournament director and referee for any Australian Go Association recognised tournament must include the following conditions in the entry process.  Participants who cannot agree to the terms will not be included in the event.

The conditions for participants is as follows:

  • For each game, a player must set up a video camera (or smart phone) and record each game as it is played.
  • The video content must cover the side of the room with the computer and surroundings and be uninterrupted for the whole game.
  • The computer application (Tygem, WBaduk, OGS, KGS etc) must have the sound of the stones being played turned on and the recording must include sound.
  • The player must not wear a headset of have other communication devices in the same room.
  • Each video recording must be kept for at least 1 week after the end of the tournament.
  • If requested by the Tournament Director or Tournament Referee the player must supply the original unedited video.
  • The Tournament Director and Tournament Referee will determine the outcome of a disputed game in the same way as face to face tournaments.

Note:  AGA recognized tournaments attract AGA ‘rep-points’.  If you are organising a club or friendly event these protocols are optional.

International on-line tournaments

International online tournaments will have their own rules and processes which are not controlled by the Australian Go Association.  If you are playing in such an event you must comply with the event rules and regulation.

To help avoid disputes in International events the Australian Go Association strongly recommends using the above protocol and retaining the video evidence to all AGA members.