There are a large number of online sites and resources to help people improve their skills.  We have selected a small number that offer quality lessons.  We want to keep the list short and useful if however you find a resource not listed and feel it should be here please put a post on the Facebook page.

Starting out

Interactive Way To Go

Online Go Server

Lesson pages

Go Pro Yeonwoo YouTube Channel – an excellent resource for all levels.

Michael Redmond’s Go TV YouTube Channel – an excellent resource for all levels.

Sibicky’s lessons YouTube Channel – an excellent resource for Double Digit Kyu players.

Haylee’s lessons YouTube Channel – an excellent resource for Dan and strong Kyu players.

Dwyrin lessons YouTube Channel – a range of videos on various topics that will help most players.

Xhu98 lessons YouTube Channel – a range of videos on various topics that will help most players.

Eidogo has a large range of material covering the opening, problems, pattern matching.

Go problem sites

BadukPop –



Go reference sites

Sensei’s Library – this is a great reference site for history, acronyms and other Go information

361 pointsThis site has a lot of learning resources including 15 issues of the Sydney Go Journal helps your study of Joseki and Fuseki

Go Servers

Online Go Server –

Kiseido –  Note: If you use Google Chrome on a PC you can install the GoUniverse plugin to play on KGS.

Pandanet Go Server –

Bot sites enables you to play against a reasonable robot any time, it’s free except for the advertisements. The bot is a good as many on KGS and other Go servers but you can always get a game and there’s no abuse or rude comments!

Free Software

Leela – this is a very strong Go app and is free.  You can play games against Leela as well as seek advice and suggestions for positions.  A great tool to help you improve.

Go Write – This app has been  around for a long time but is a great way to print games.

MultiGo – This is a free app that enables you to read .SGF files and comments with a large range of editing / commenting features.