Benefits of AGA membership

As an AGA member you are eligible for AGA Representative points (rep points) so you could represent Australia at an International tournament. Please visit https://australiango.asn.au/knowledge-base/ratings-and-rep-points/ for details.

The AGA will email news of events and other information periodically. Information about clubs, events, tournament, Go news etc. can be found at https://australiango.asn.au/

The Australian Go Association provides learning materials which are delivered by various means. We have a YouTube channel with video lessons www.youtube.com/channel/UCciRBKCCDDK4eJd1-ARsOWQ

There are learning materials aimed at beginners and DDK players at www.forum.artofgo.org

The National Club uses various Internet technologies to enable players across Australia to find each other and/or a teacher. Details of the club and how to join are at http://artofgo.org/

The AGA has a premium service for Sustaining members which gives access to weekly lessons (generally two each week) aimed at players from beginner to Dan level. Details can be found at https://australiango.asn.au/clubs/national/