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AGA General Meetings

2020 AGA AGM Documents

The 2020 AGA AGM cannot take place as originally planned because the 2020 National Championships have been cancelled. The AGA have the right to defer the AGM until 2021 under NSW DFT special regulations.

The AGA Committee discussed these matters at the September Committee meeting and decided it would be best to keep members informed and seek approval for the Committee proposals and if the membership choose, to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The link below contains the Secretary-General’s report, Treasurer’s report, AGA 2019/20 Balance Sheet, AGA 2019/20 Profit and Loss statement and the notice for the AGM including a ballot sheet.

The Committee is asking the membership to vote on the following matters using the ballot paper in the ‘2020 AGM notice to members’ document which must be completed and emailed to no later than October 31st 2020.

To approve the minutes of the previous AGM as a true record
To approve the Treasurer’s report
To approve the 2019/20 Balance Sheet
To approve the 2019/20 Profit and loss statement
To approve the Secretary General’s report
To approve the committee’s decision for the existing Officers and Committee members to continue for one year.

There is also a proposal to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting under the provisions of the AGA Constitution.

AGA AGM Officer reports and finacials

Ballot paper to be completed by members and emailed to the General-Secretary

AGA General Meetings

2018 AGA AGM

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Go Association Inc.

Note: these are the draft minutes of the meeting. If you attended the meeting and find an error please email

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Go Association commenced at 12:28pm on Saturday 8th December 2018 in Room 3.59, G11 Learning Commons building at Griffith University, Parklands Dr, Southport QLD 4215.

The meeting was chaired by David Mitchell, Secretary General of the AGA who also took the minutes.

Printed copies of the agenda and all written reports were distributed to all at the meeting.

Note: The AGA Constitution allows members to nominate a person as their proxy – no applications were received and no proxy votes were cast.

 Item 1 – Apologies

Dr Anthony Purcell, James Kaaden and Matthew Crossman registered their apologies.

 Item 2 – Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the previous AGM were read and there were no changes. David Mitchell proposed the documents be accepted as a true record, Mark Bell seconded the motion which was passed unopposed.

 Item 3 – Officer reports

President’s report from Raphael Shin.

The Australian Go Congress was a great success this year thanks to the hard work of David, Younggil and Neville. The Congress has been held in September for the past couple of years but the number of overseas visitors is not high.  The next Congress will move to the beginning of the year, probably February.  The move will help get Chinese and Korean players to attend the Congress because it is their winter and our summer. We cannot do this for 2019, there is not enough time so we will hold the next Congress in February 2020.  We will also have a larger management team to spread the workload.

Vice-President’s report from Neville Smythe.

I’m vice-President of the AGA but my report is really about my role with the International Go Federation (IGF).  The IGF had a very successful year with lots and lots of new tournament appearing.  I want to bring to your attention the Pair Go competition, we are regularly invited but we have great difficulty finding female players. I urge everybody to encourage female players to join your club and they could get a trip to Japan to play Pair Go which is always a lot of fun.

The main impetus of the IGF for the last couple of years has been to try and join the Olympic movement. To that end the International tournaments have drug testing which seems a bit silly for Go but nevertheless is something that is required for all Olympic sports.  Previous Olympic committees have been against mind-sports being part of the Olympic movement but the current president is very much more amenable. So, things are looking possible that Go could become and Olympic sport and if it does happen it will be really good because Olympic sports automatically get money from the Government. Unfortunately, the one country that is against the Olympics being anything other than physical sports is the Australian Olympic Committee but if we are recognised by the International Olympic Committee their position may change.  If that happens, we are in a position to receive funds as we are now an Incorporated body.

Secretary-General’s report from David Mitchell.

David’s report was distributed with the agenda. David did mention a few key things, the first being the March EGM which Incorporated the AGA with a new Constitution.  This means the AGA is a legal entity and can apply for and receiving funds from government and commercial organizations.  Incorporation is one step, we need to work, prepare applications and proposals that meet the donor’s needs as well as our own.

We have also taken steps to deliver things to clubs.  Apart from supplying new clubs with books, sets and in one case some Go clocks we are also arranging teleconference lessons from Younggil.  There have been two this year, one for Perth the other for the Gold Coast.  The video lessons are recorded and are published so all AGA members can benefit from the process.  The aim is to help players improve their skill, especially beginners and kyu players.

In the 2018 survey people mentioned a lack of tournaments.  A key issue with tournaments is equipment, particularly clocks which are around US$130 each.  To address this Raphael’s team in Korea have developed a Go Clock app that runs on Samsung smart phones (Galaxy S5 or newer). This will be made available to tournament organizers in 2019 – if you are interested, please email

Treasurer’s report from James Kaaden

During 2018 Horatio Davis resigned as Treasurer and Web Master.  Horatio has done a lot of work for the AGA and Queensland Go over many years, the committee have thanked him, we’ve written him a letter but I would also like to ask him to come to the front now so we can all express our appreciation of his efforts. (much applause).  Well done and thank you for your dedication and commitment.

The committee elected James Kaaden from Melbourne as Treasurer and he’s prepared the financial reports which were distributed with the minutes as well as in the pack.  David Mitchell asked for question or any matters from the financial statements but there were none.

David Mitchell proposed the meeting accept the financial reports, seconded by Mark Bell.  The meeting passed the proposal unopposed.


Item 4 – Election of Office Bearers & Committee members

The meeting passed Mark Bell’s motion of thanks to the current officers and committee members – Raphael Shin, Neville Smythe, James Kaaden, David Mitchell, Matthew Crossman, Allan Hunt, Erli Qiu An Younggil and Daniel Li – for their work during the previous year.

Election of President – David Mitchell proposed Raphael Shin, seconded by Neville Smythe.  There was a call for other nominations but there were none.  There being no other candidates Raphael was re-elected unopposed.

Election of Vice-President – David Mitchell proposed Neville Smythe, seconded by Daniel Li. There was a call for other nominations but there were none.  There being no other candidates Neville was re-elected unopposed.

David Mitchell stood down as chair of the meeting – Neville Smythe took the chair.

Election of Secretary-General – Neville Smythe proposed David Mitchell, seconded Allan Hunt. There was a call for other nominations but there were none.  There being no other candidates David was re-elected unopposed.

David Mitchell resumed as chair of the meeting.

Election of Treasurer – David Mitchell proposed James Kaaden, seconded, Neville Smythe. There was a call for other nominations but there were none.  There being no other candidates James was re-elected unopposed.

Election of Membership Registrar

Allan Hunt asked for an outline of the duties of the role.  David Mitchell explained that the membership registrar is responsible for maintaining the membership records, sending welcome emails, notices and reminders when memberships expire.

Neville Smythe proposed Tony Purcell who has already agreed to stand for the role. Michael Hyde seconded the proposal.  There being no other candidates Tony was elected unopposed.

Election of the National Coach

Neville Smythe proposed An Younggil 8P, seconded by Allan Hunt. There was a call for other nominations but there were none.  There being no other candidates Younggil was re-elected unopposed.

Elections of Ordinary Committee Members

The Constitution allows for three ordinary committee members.  David Mitchell described the roles of the existing committee members:

  • Allan Hunt who ran the 2017 & 2018 Australian Surveys;
  • Daniel Li who is the student liaison officers and is organizing the 2019 Ing Foundation Collegiate WeiQi tournament at Sydney University with over 120 students from around the world.
  • Matthew Crossman who has taken on the role of Web Master
  • Erli Qiu has done a lot of work in Queensland, who organized the Go Festival in Sydney with around 600 people attending. Erli is also the liaison officer for the selection of players for international tournaments, particularly Chinese tournaments including the China City Tournament.

The meeting was asked for nominations to fill the three places. There were four nominations,

  • Daniel Li, proposed by David Mitchell, seconded by Horatio Davis
  • Allan Hunt, proposed by Neville Smythe, seconded by Horatio Davis,
  • Erli Qiu, proposed by David Mitchell, seconded by Allan Hunt
  • Cary Jin, proposed by Billy Sun, seconded by Michael Hyde

David Mitchell explained that being on the committee was not a pre-requisite for doing things to help Go and the Australian Go Association.  For example, during the year Dr Anthony Purcell assisted greatly with the creation of the AGA Incorporated Constitution; Brenton Williams has singlehandedly resurrected Go in Adelaide and ran the 2018 South Australian State Championship, the first time in many years. Keith Trevett from Port Macquarie is planning to run a Go Camp in the second half of 2019.  So even if you are not on the committee you can still do things.

With 4 candidates for 3 places a vote was required.  Horatio Davis and Michael Hyde were appointed scrutineers for the vote.  Voting was as follows: Daniel Li, 18 votes; Allan Hunt, 19 votes; Erli Qiu 21 votes; Cary Jin 15 votes.  Daniel, Allan and Erli were duly elected.

Neville Smythe pointed out there is a very big need for the AGA to get involved with the University world and that Cary and Daniel should form a sub-committee to assist improve communications and activities between University clubs.

Item 5 – location of 2019 Nationals, appointment of Tournament Director

The next National Championships and AGM will be held in Melbourne with Billy Sun as Tournament Director.

Item 6 – Any other business

Mark Bell commented that the AGA has adopted a much more professional approach and was encouraged by this.

There was discussion about the state of Go in Australia in particular teaching children, getting access to school and the gender imbalance.  Nobody has a magic solution, but all members were encouraged to get as many people playing as possible.

The biggest problem faced by the AGA is finding people who are willing to do things; teach others, organize clubs or tournaments. All members are encouraged to think about what they can do and if the need is equipment or books, please e-mail the

There being no additional matters David Mitchell declared the meeting closed at 1:06pm. 

List of members present

Allan Hunt – 15-041

Bill Leveritt – 09-002

Billy Sun – 09-028

Brenton Williams – 17-167

Cary Jin – 15-017

Daniel Li – 16-024

David Mitchell – 09-072

David Schofield – 09-063

Derek Pan – 17-110

Edwin Clarke – 12-012

Erli Qiu – 12-016

Horatio Davis – 09-032

Kevin Jiang – 09-049

Kevin Oh – 14-046

Mark Bell – 09-035

Matt Watson – ???

Michael Hyde – 17-136

Neville Smythe – 09-001

Raphael Shin – 09-121

Rodney Topor – 09-064

Sungho Chung – 14-045

Tommy (Shenghao) Min – not paid up member

Xin Lei – 14-048

Zhou Wei – 14-029

Michael McGee – not paid up member

Hendrick Zhang – not paid up member

Frank Xie – not paid up member

Michael Chao Liu – not paid up member

Wei Jing – not paid up member

Michael GuoChing Liu – not paid up member

Steve Crawley – not paid up member


AGA General Meetings

2018 – AGA Committee Officers & other roles

AGA committee contact email address:

Committee Members

Raphael Shin  ( – president, Sydney

Neville Smythe  ( – vice president, Canberra

David Mitchell  ( – Secretary General, Incorporation Public Officer, Sydney

Horatio Davis  ( – Treasurer, Brisbane (Resigned June 2018)

Daniel Li  ( – Sydney

James Kaaden  ( Treasurer & Publicity Officer – Melbourne

Allan Hunt  ( –Brisbane

Matthew Crossman  ( –Sydney

Erli Qiu  ( – Gold Coast

An Younggil 8P ( – National Coach

Other roles

Neville Smythe  – International Go Federation director for Oceania

Matthew Crossman  ( – membership registrar & Web Master

Ratings Committee

An Younggil 8p ( – chair

Neville Smythe   (

Matthew Crossman  (

Ratings System Working Group

Matthew Crossman  (

Neville Smythe   (  – chair

Horatio Davis  (

Youth Working Group

David Mitchell  ( – chair

An Younggil 8p (

Daniel Li  (

International and Pairs Working Group

Yoko Usami

Erli Qiu  ( – chair

AGA University Coordinator

Daniel Li


Note: All positions are honorary – no officer or committee member is paid for the work they do for the AGA

AGA General Meetings

2016 AGA AGM

Australian Go Association Annual General Meeting 2016

Minutes of the meeting


The meeting opened at 12:05pm, Saturday 3rd December at Box Hill Town Hall, Whitehorse Road, Melbourne.


A list of attendees is attached.


Raphael Shin, Yoko Usami, Erli Qiu, Matthew Crossman & Robin Garner.

Meeting Officials

The meeting was presided over by David Mitchell (chairman and minute taker); Horatio Davis (treasurer) and Neville Smythe.

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed a true record. Proposed by Horatio Davis, Seconded by Neville Smythe – passed unanimously.

Matters arising

The travel scholarship was discussed.  Despite direct e-mail to all members and promotion on social media the initiative received little support.  Because of the lack of interest the meeting decided to revert to the previous ad-hoc scholarship process.

David Mitchell reported that the AGA rating system had been overhauled by a small group with particular thanks extended to Neville Smythe who worked tirelessly on the software.  The AGA have a flagship rank of 7dan which is only given where a player has achieve the required number of promotion points, won at least 2 National events and has the approval of the National Coach.  A small group headed by Neville will maintain the system over the coming years.


There was no report from the President (Raphael Shin).

Horatio Davis provided a detailed treasurer’s report is attached.  Horatio also provided a commentary on the finances.  Neville Smythe proposed the accounts be accepted, seconded by David Mitchell – the motion was passed unopposed.

The secretary’s report was delivered by David Mitchell (attached). A motion to accept the report was proposed by James Kaaden, seconded by Neville Smythe – passed unanimously.

Election of office bearers for 2016

President:  David Mitchell proposed Raphael Shin continue as president – Raphael had previously accepted the nomination.  The proposal was seconded by Horatio Davis and with no other candidates Raphael was elected unopposed.

Vice President:  David Mitchell proposed Neville Smythe as vice president – Neville accepted the nomination.  The proposal was seconded and with no other candidates Neville was elected unopposed.

Treasurer:  Neville Smythe proposed Horatio Davis for the role as treasurer. Horatio accepted the nomination which was seconded by Billy Sun – with no other candidates Horatio was elected unopposed.

Secretary:  Horatio Davis proposed David Mitchell as secretary. David accepted the proposal which was seconded by Neville Smythe and with no other candidates David was elected unopposed.

Other committee members:

The meeting elected unopposed the following people as ordinary members of the committee:

Matthew Crossman, An Younggil, Yoko Usami, Erli Qiu, Billy Sun and James Kaaden – there being no other candidates these people were elected to the committee.

Incorporation of the AGA

David Mitchell proposed that the meeting direct the committee to investigate and incorporate the AGA.  Currently the AGA is not an incorporated entity which means it has no legal status – effectively the membership entrusts all AGA assets to the officers to do with as they wish.  Without incorporation the AGA cannot apply for grants, cannot be left bequests – it also means the officers of the Association are personally liable for any legal action.  Neville Smythe seconded the proposal.

Horatio Davis opposed the proposal – he felt incorporation was costly in terms of man power and there was no immediate need.

There were 8 in favour, 2 against and 36 who abstained.  Given the lack of support for the proposal the proposal was withdrawn.

Constitutional change

A proposal to change the constitution in preparation for incorporation was withdrawn.

Location of 2017 National Championships

Sydney is the next location in the cycle – Horatio Davis proposed Sydney organize the 2016 National Championships, Seconded by Neville Smythe. David Mitchell accepted the proposal on behalf of the Australian Go Congress Organizing Committee and the Sydney clubs. The motion was passed unanimously.


Changes to AGA Bank accounts

Horatio Davis explained the need to change the existing bank accounts.  The following proposals were put…

  1. Horatio proposed that the meeting resolves to close the Association’s account at the Footscray Mall branch of the ANZ Bank (BSB 013481, account 493800806) – this was seconded by Neville Smythe and passed unanimously.
  2. Horatio proposed that the meeting resolves to open a replacement account for the Association, with the same signatories, and delegates the authority to do all things necessary or convenient for this purpose to the 2016-2017 treasurer, Horatio Davis – this was seconded by David Mitchell and passed unanimously

Presentation of 7 dan diplomas

Diplomas were presented to:

Wei Zhou & Guyu Liu who were at the meeting.  The certificates for Raphael Shin, Yiming Guo & David He will be presented to them at a later date.

AGA lapel pins

The AGA has purchased lapel pins with the AGA logo for members to purchase – the pins are available direct from the AGA at a cost of $8 per pin (including postage and packing).  AGA clubs or event organisers can purchase pins in lots of 10 at $55 (including postage and packing).

There being no other business David Mitchell proposed the meeting closed, seconded by Horatio Davis and passed unopposed.

The meeting closed at 12:35pm.

List of members at the meeting

(Alphabetic order)

Mark Ahn
Jinan Cao
Edwin Clarke
Zhoujia Dai
Horatio Davis
Zihan Gao
Liang Hong
Jang Hyemin
Carry Jin
Kyle Jones
James Kaaden
Jesse Lewis
Daniel Li
Yigeng Li
Yongheng Li
Shu Lin Zhu
Guyu Liu
Jingbo Liu
David Meng
David Mitchell
Yanis Newman-Pache
Markus Pache
Tim Qin
William Rui
Wei Shan Zhong
Liu Shilong
Neville Smythe
Amy Song
Billy Sun
Ningxuan Wan
Aaron Wang
Zhou Wei
Gareth White
Jieyu Wu
Zhu Xian
Wenxu Xie
Wei Xu
Daniel Xu
Han Yang
Zekun Yu
David Zhang
Eric Zhang
Yuhan Zhang
Shengfang Zhou
Jacky Zhu
Cheng Zuo


AGA General Meetings

2017 AGA AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Go Association 2017

The meeting opened at 5:00pm on Friday 29th September 2017 at the Australian Go Congress, Sydney University Building H70, Seminar Room 2290 (1st floor), The Abercrombie Business School, Abercrombie St & Codrington St, Darlington NSW.

Minutes & Chair

David Mitchell


Apologies were recorded from Erli Qiu, Yoko Usami and Mark Ahn

Minutes of the 2016 AGM

The minutes of the previous meeting were read.  DGM moved the minutes be accepted as a true record; Tony Purcell seconded the motion.  The proposal was passed unopposed.


There was no President’s report.

The Treasurer’s report is attached.

  • The key points were the investment of $431 to purchase ‘The Surrounding Game’ movie which will be shown in clubs in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.
  • The Digital tournament will be held in December so there was no income of expense for that yet.
  • The sale of lapel pins was slow but steady.
  • The overall financial position was slightly up with enough in the bank to cover approx. 10 years of expenditure.

The Secretary’ report is attached.

Election of office bearers

The meeting thanked the existing office bearers for their efforts over the past year.

Nominations for the role of President were opened

DGM proposed Raphael Shin; James Kaaden seconded the motion) there being no other candidates Raphael was elected unopposed.

Nominations for the role of Treasurer were opened

Anthony Purcell proposed Horatio Davis; Neville Smythe seconded the motion. There being no other nominations Horatio was elected unopposed.

Horatio took control of the meeting for the election of Secretary

Nominations for the role of Secretary were opened

James Kaaden proposed David Mitchell; Anthony Purcell seconded the nomination; There being no other nominations David was elected unopposed.

Matthew Crossman asked if he could understudy the role of Treasurer from Horatio.  Horatio agreed.

Election of committee members

Nominations for the five committee members were opened.

Neville Smythe proposed James Kaaden, Horatio Davis seconded

James Kaaden proposed Daniel Li, Horatio Davis seconded

Horatio Davis proposed Allan Hunt, David Mitchell seconded

Neville Smythe propose Erli Qiu, David Bofinger seconded

David Mitchell proposed Matthew Crossman, Horatio Davis seconded.

There were no other nominations so all candidates were elected unopposed to the AGA Committee.


A proposal to incorporate the AGA (full proposal attached).

There was a long debate on the subject.  Concerns were raised about the amount of work and possible fines if things were not done on time.  Some of the key points were:

Horatio Davis pointed out that our current membership list missed contact details (postal address, email address etc) for a large number of members the work to do this would take away from the Committee’s Go tasks.

Anthony Purcell said that the collection of this information should be carried out by Go organizers around the country, not the committee.

Neville Smythe suggested there should be a Membership Registrar to coordinate and manage membership records.  This was accepted by the meeting.

Matthew Crossman volunteered for the role.  The offer was accepted unopposed.

Allan Hunt was concerned the effort of incorporation would not benefit clubs

The motion was put to a vote, of the members present there were 14 in favour 2 against and no abstentions.  Email voting received by the secretary had 29 in favour and none against. There were no proxy votes.

The motion was passed 43 in favour 2 against.

Any other business

  1. David Bofinger and Anthony Purcell are attending tournaments in China and Korea and asked that the information be sent to all AGA members. Any responses should be sent to Anthony Purcell.  Raphael Shin knew of some people from the SKBA who were going so David and Anthony will liaise with Raphael.  David Mitchell reported that information of both event had already been sent to members but there were no other attendees at this time. Any enquiries will be forwarded to David Bofinger and Anthony Purcell.
  1. Horatio Davis reported that the Australian Digital Tournament will be held in December. This was one of the most popular events on the tournament calendar and players and organizers were encouraged to participate.  Matthew Crossman and Anthony Purcell agreed to help Horatio with the next Digital Tournament so that others can run the event in future.
  1. Neville Smythe proposed a vote of thanks to Allan Hunt for the survey carried out a few months ago; seconded by David Mitchell. The motion was carried unopposed. Horatio agreed to publish the results on the AGA server along with David Mitchell’s analysis of some ‘free text’ answers.
  1. Neville Smythe proposed a vote of thanks to Raphael Shin for his support of The Go Congress and Go in Australia; seconded by James Kaaden. The motion was passed unopposed.


The meeting closed at 6:11pm


Members present at the meeting:


Allan Hunt An Younggil Matthew Crossman
Markus Pache Raphael Shin Tony Oxenham
Anthony Purcell David Bofinger Huazen Liu
Yuhan Zhang Bowen Ge Cary Jin
Bekki Yu Daniel Li David Mitchell
Horatio Davis Neville Smythe  


Email votes for Incorporation proposal received prior to the meeting:

Member No. Preferred name vote
09-002 Bill Leveritt y
09-093 Cindy Xu y
09-100 Yoon Gook Noh y
09-105 Hak Beom Seo y
09-106 Won Joong Lee y
10-037 Chulhwan Choi y
10-045 Dae Hyun Cho y
12-028 Yu Won Kim y
13-022 Huazhen Liu y
13-045 Mark Ahn y
14-011 Jay Rie y
14-013 Jinyeon Jung y
14-037 Joseph Jeon y
15-011 Hwasoo Kim y
15-052 Richard Yeh y
16-022 Radman Zhang y
16-024 Daniel Li y
16-030 Hong Wanpyo y
16-054 Sukwan Shin y
16-082 Lesley Qiu y
16-084 Bowen Ge y
16-085 Jerry  Xu y
16-087 Zilong Zheng y
16-146 Xu Chu y
16-162 Jimmy Nguyen y
17-030 Steven Siswandhi y
17-062 Zhumin Yu y
17-108 JungWoo Lee y
17-078 Lawrence  Tsui y




AGA General Meetings

2018 AGA EGM

Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the AGA

Venue: The Hanho Newspaper Building, 570 Blaxland Road, Eastwood, 2122

Date: Sunday 4th March 2018.


Minutes & Chair

David Mitchell

Vote scrutineers

Neville Smythe & Tony Purcell



Minutes of the meeting

The meeting opened at 12:40pm at the Hanho Cup Tournament, Blaxland Road, Eastwood.

David Mitchell reminded the meeting of the vote to Incorporate the AGA at the 2017 AGM and that the changes to the Constitution and other information had been sent to all members a month earlier.

The members present were asked if they had any questions or wished to have any addition information relating to the proposal.

One member asked why the existing constitution was not acceptable.  David Mitchell explained that Incorporation had legal requirements for a constitution and that the existing document was insufficient.  David also explained that a sub-committee of the AGA and the AGA committee had reviewed the new constitution prior to putting it to members.

David Mitchell moved the proposal to change the AGA constitution be accepted, seconded by Neville Smythe.

The scrutineers handed out voting forms and collected the completed forms.

The final vote was 49 in favour; 4 against.  The motion was overwhelmingly carried.

The meeting closed at 12:55pm

March 4th 2018

Members present at the meeting

Jung Ung Lee Won Joong Lee Andrew Fischhof Shane Wu
Kinam Jang Richard Yeh Huazhen Liu Joseph Choi
Joseph Jeon Matthew Crossman Stephen Liu Amy Song
Hong Wanpyo Sukwan Shin Joonseo Yang Tony Purcell
Justin Shao Myung Hoon Kim Kevin Li Jae Ha Park
Shelley Mo Joseph Choi Lucas Wang Kwansub Song
Jimmy Shie Suinghyun  Choi Jian Wang Bowen Ge
Geoffrey Briggs Kevin Zhang Juho Jung Yixiao Zhan
Tony Xi Neville Smythe Jason Zhu Yoon Gook Noh
Hardy Hou Joseph Jeon Terry Cai Chulhwan Choi
Kwanghyun Ko Zhou Wei Jake Gong
Sebastian Hidalgo David He Justin Wang
Wang Zhenglin Daniel Li An Younggil
Steven Yang William Qian David Mitchell
Hwasoo Kim Xin Lei Raphael Shin

Valid Member votes at the meeting (27 in favour – 0 against)

Neville Smythe YES Chulhwan Choi YES
Matthew Crossman YES Amy Song YES
Kevin Jiang YES Shin Seong Wook YES
Shelley Mo YES Jae Ha Park YES
Yoon Gook Noh YES Jay Rie YES
Joseph Choi YES Zhou Wei YES
Raphael Shin YES Joseph Jeon YES
Jung Ung Lee YES Allan Hunt NO
Myung Hoon Kim YES Daniel Li YES
Kwansub Song YES Hong Wanpyo YES
David He YES Kwanghyun Ko YES
Tony Purcell YES Sebastian Hidalgo YES
Raphael Shin YES Bowen Ge YES
Jimmy Shie YES


There was one spoilt ballot paper at the meeting; there were 5 ballot papers lodged at the meeting that were illegible or not completed properly.

Associate members at the meeting did not vote.

All invalid votes showed a ‘Yes’ decision.

Email votes received prior to the meeting (22 in favour 4 against)

Peter Hexel YES Brian Humphreys YES
David Mitchell YES Jimmy Nguyen YES
James Kaaden YES Mango Fan YES
Cindy Xu YES Cassie Zhu YES
Tony Oxenham YES Michael Hyde YES
Andrew Fischhof YES Jesse Lewis YES
Geoffrey Briggs YES Hardy Yan YES
Jacky Zhu YES Peter Simpson YES
Mark Ahn YES Horatio Davis NO
Cheng Zuo YES Dominick Chan NO
Xin Lei YES Sun Woo Nam NO
Cary Jin YES Allan Hunt NO
Pamela Oxenham YES
Barry Allison YES

There were no spoilt email ballot papers.